Taiji& Qigong

Taiji & Qigong are traditional Chinese martial art systems that we offer to help students improve their physical and mental health.

Taiji & Qigong are widely known Internal Chinese martial art styles that has been practiced for centuries due to its health benefits and defensive training. Taiji & Qigong allows for better movement, conditioning, expression, and meditation.

We practice and teach the basic skills of Yang & Chen Taiji, and 18 Lohan Qigong to supplement our martial arts training and for life and health. The movements are taught individually, with posture correction provided, then repeated for memorization and mastery.

Ultimately, the form is done very slowly to promote and improve circulation, balance, and relaxation. The constant and loyal practice of Taiji & Qigong on a daily basis is known to help prevent an array of injuries, promote health and prevent illness and disease.

Qigong is an ancient Chinese exercise and healing technique that involves meditation, controlled breathing and movement exercises. Qi is a concept from traditional Chinese culture that roughly means vital energy, information, breath or spirit.

Learn how martial arts can improve your health, energy, and productivity.