Kung Fu

Kung Fu is an ancient Chinese Martial Art created more than 4000 years ago for the purpose of health, fitness, combat and self defense.

The origins of Chinese martial arts can be traced as far back as 4000 years ago. It was created for self-defense purposes, hunting activities, and military training. Hand-to-hand combat and weapons practice were important components in the training of Chinese soldiers. Chinese martial arts proceeded to incorporate different philosophies and ideas into its practice, thus expanding its purpose from self-defense to health maintenance, and finally to a method of self-cultivation. The influence of martial ideals in civilian society has spread into poetry, fiction, and eventually film.

According to tradition, the Yellow Emperor introduced the earliest fighting systems to China. He is described as a famous general who, before becoming China's leader, wrote lengthy treatises on medicine, astrology and the martial arts. The modern concepts of Kung Fu were fully developed by the Ming and Qing dynasties. The ideas associated with Chinese martial arts have changed with the evolution of Chinese society, eventually acquiring a philosophical basis.

Shaolin Kung Fu is regarded as the first institutionalized Chinese martial art. Martial practice became an integral element of Shaolin monastic life. Martial arts practice in Shaolin appears in various literary genres of the late Ming: the epitaphs of Shaolin warrior monks, martial-arts manuals, military encyclopedias, historical writings, travelogues, fiction, and poetry.

The fighting styles that are practiced today were developed over centuries, later incorporating forms that later came into existence such as: Bagua, Eagle Claw, Five Animals, Hsing I, Hung Gar, Lau Gar, Monkey, Bak Mei Pai, Tai Chi Chuan and Praying Mantis.

Northern Shaolin Seven Star Praying Mantis Kung Fu

There are many legends surrounding the creation of Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu. The most notable legend attributes the creation of Mantis fist to the Song Dynasty when Abbot Fu Ju, supposedly invited Wang Lang and seventeen other masters to come and improve the martial arts of Shaolin. Abbot recorded all of the techniques in a manual called the Mishou or "Secret Hands". The manual records Wang Lang "absorbed and equalized all previous techniques" learned from the 17 other masters.

There are several styles of Northern Praying Mantis, Seven Star Mantis is one of the most popular styles. It is noted to be closest to the original form of praying mantis kung fu. It is widespread in Shandong Province of China, where it was created. The famous master, Lo Kwan Yu is well known, and credited with passing the style on to Hong Kong, and other areas of Southern China.

Benefits of Kung Fu

  • Men and women losing more than 100 pounds
  • Increased confidence leading to job promotions and new careers
  • Increase in individual, group and corporate health and well being
  • Develop the self discipline to move ahead in your personal life 
  • Improving personal relationships due to stress reduction
  • Set and reach new goals that before seemed unobtainable
Learn how martial arts can improve your health, energy, and productivity.