Host one of the most prominent grandmasters of Chinese Kung Fu at your martial arts school, or attend one of our training camps!

Seminars and Workshops

Grandmaster Lee Kam Wing is one of the most leading authorities of traditional Seven Star Praying Mantis Kung Fu in the world! He is also well known for traditional lion & dragon dancing and drumming.

Hosting a seminar at your school has many great benefits:

  1. Increases the knowledge of you, & your students
  2. Creates excitement
  3. Breaks monotonous routines
  4. Creates awareness
  5. Additional publicity for your school
  6. New enrollments

Grandmaster Lee Kam Wing is available once a year during his USA Seminar Tour or at one of our Seven Star Mantis Training Camps, held in Hong Kong and the USA.

Master Derrick Wright, his closed door student is also available for seminars upon request. To find out more detailed information, contact us for more details.

Master Derrick Wright Seminars:
Master Derrick Wright
Wright's Seven Star Mantis Kung Fu Association, an affiliate of Lee Kam Wing's Martial Arts Association


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